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hawaii waterfall Consisting of a group of volcanic islands in the central Pacific Ocean, Hawaii covers more than 6,000 square miles.  Hawaii's major industry is tourism, although pineapples, macademia nuts and coffee are important exports as well.  Hawaii is noted for its excellent surfing, black sand beaches, and beautiful tropical flowers.  Hawaii's capital is Honolulu, and its major islands – from east to west – include Hawaii, Maui, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu, Kauai, and Niihau.

  • Hawaii's main island, often referred to as the Big Island, is the largest and most eastern and southern island in the Hawaiian chain.  Its economy is largely reliant on tourism, as well as agricultural products such as macadamia nuts, papaya, and coffee beans.
  • Hawaii's second largest island, Maui, has a widely varied landscape and is also largely supported by agriculture and tourism.  It was originally populated by Polynesians but is now racially diverse.
  • Kahoolawe is Hawaii's smallest main island and is sparsely populated due to a lack of fresh water.  First used as a military training ground during World War II and subsequently transferred to the State of Hawaii in 1994, Kahoolawe is currently used solely as a natural preserve.
  • Nicknamed the "Pineapple Island," Lanai is Hawaii's sixth-largest island and is governed by the nearby island of Maui.  Lanai contains two major resort hotels but few permanent residents.
  • The island of Molokai is the fifth largest Hawaiian Island and is located east of Oahu and north of Lanai.  Molokai was historically known for housing a colony for sufferers of Hansen's Disease (leprosy).  While there are no known cases existing there today, the population remains relatively small, and there have been many attempts to keep tourism to a minimum.
  • Oahu is Hawaii's third largest and most populous island, and its diverse economy is driven by tourism.  Home to the state capital of Honolulu, Oahu has been the scene for numerous movies and television shows.
  • Located northwest of Oahu, the naturally beautiful Kauai is the fourth largest Hawaiian island.  It is known as the "Garden Island" for its fertile soil and wide variety of fruits and crops.  Tourism is the biggest industry on Kauai, followed by government, retail, and agriculture.
  • Located about 18 miles west of Kauai, Niihau is the smallest of Hawaii's inhabited islands, with a population well under 150.  It is usually off-limits to anyone other than relatives or invited guests of its inhabitants.  Most of the island's income comes from a small cliff-top Navy installation, and the Hawaiian language is spoken almost exclusively there.

On this page you will find Hawaii real estate listing services as well as selected realtors and real estate agencies in the State of Hawaii.  For your convenience, this page also provides access to Hawaii real estate directories and realtor resources.  A list of housing finance resources for the State of Hawaii can be found on this Hawaii Housing Finance Agencies web page.  Whether you're buying or selling a house in Hawaii, this wealth of information can help you get the process started.

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