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Western United States refers to the area between the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Great Plains on the east.  The states normally included in the West are California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, as well as Arizona and Nevada.  The Rocky Mountain states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico are often included in Western United States as well.  Real estate in the West varies from ski resort condos and coastal properties to large farms and ranches, in addition to apartment complexes and traditional single family homes in urban and suburban settings.

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Townhouses in Western United States

The Pacific Coast states feature a moderate maritime climate along the Coast Range mountains near the Pacific Ocean, gradually giving way to a more continental climate, with colder winters and hotter summers, away from the coast.  The inland valleys of California, Oregon, and Washington are well-suited to agriculture, and produce much of the nation's fruit and vegetable crop.  Los Angeles, the commercial hub of the far west, is is noted for its entertainment media companies.  Its northern rival, the San Francisco Bay area, is home to Google, and is an important high-tech and venture capital center.  The Seattle area is home to Starbucks coffee and software giant Microsoft.

Much of the Southwest is mountainous desert, but the dry climate appeals to many people, who have flocked to its booming retirement communities. Las Vegas is a popular entertainment hub, and Phoenix is the commercial capital of the area.  Strong Mexican and Native American influences are evident in the Southwest.

The Rocky Mountain states are the last remnant of the American frontier, and Denver is its leading commercial center.  From the ghost towns that dot the landscape to the vast cattle ranches, this vast "Big Sky" country symbolizes freedom to many Americans.  Featuring deep gorges, towering summits, and a diverse terrain, this mountainous region is well suited to outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, and skiing as well as horseback riding and whitewater rafting.  A plethora of wild animals, including grizzly bears, moose, bald eagles, and trout, inhabits the National Parks and forests, many of which are under jurisdiction of the federal Bureau of Land Management.

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