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Midwestern United States refers to the area bounded by the Great Lakes on the north and the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys to the west and south.  The states normally included in the Midwest are Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, although Iowa and Missouri are often considered part of the Midwest, as well as the north-central Great Plains states east of the Rocky Mountains.  Real estate in the Midwest ranges from traditional urban and suburban homes to lakefront cabins and family farms.

midwest farm real estate
Bucolic Farm in Midwestern United States

The Midwest region, sometimes known as the "breadbasket of America," is blessed with plentiful fresh water supplies.  While embracing vast areas of fertile farmland, the region is also an industrial powerhouse, home of the American auto industry and important mineral resources.  Except for ridges near the Great Lakes and the Ozark hills of southern Missouri, much of the land is flat or gently sloping.  Midwest winters are snowy and icy, springs are short and verdant, summers are hot and humid except around the northern Great Lakes, and autumns are gorgeous medleys of color from hickory, maple, oak, and sassafras leaves.

Chicago is the commercial capital of the Midwest; Indianapolis is home to the famous Indy 500 race; St. Louis features the huge Anheuser-Busch brewery; Detroit is noted as the "Motor City;" Cincinnati, the "Queen City," is a pleasant, civilized city with a more moderate climate; Milwaukee is an attractive lakeside city with a diverse cultural heritage; and Minneapolis-St Paul, although cold in winter, is quite livable.

Sports and recreational activities are avidly pursued in the Midwest, and a number of professional baseball, basketball, and football sports teams are located here.  Midwestern residents enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, boating, hunting, and fishing, as well as snowmobiling and Nordic skiing, in the woodlands, lakes, and streams of this region.

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